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As much as I love to cook fish,

I want to thank Bud Kilgore for teaching me to fillet a fish. (Sam gets some credit for teaching me to Bleed the fish) I filleted something like 8 Blue Fish at the Fling yesterday and only three rather nice flesh wounds. Amazing how a strong wind, sand and fish parts cover sliced fingers.

For what its worth, I never knew the proper fillet style and I learned from a true pro. Thanks Mr. Kilgore!

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Steve, I'm actually proud of you in two different ways. You took the time to get messy and learn how to fillet all those bluefish, and you had the patience to deal with Dad. He can be quite rough around the edges when it comes to teaching others how to do things like that. His dad was like that with him and it takes thick skin sometimes to listen long enough to learn. He is still dealing with that puncture in his hand. He takes aspirin for his heart and that cut keeps busting open. I told him to put some superglue in there. :-)

How did you prepare the fish? I am getting ready to cook some of that rockfish that was left over from yesterday. I'm not sure how it mysteriously got into my truck? :mrgreen:

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