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Tommy, JC and I head out for some more trophy Stripers and today we had to work for them. Started the day at buoy 18 off Kiptopeke drifting eels. Nada. Made three drifts in that general area with nothing to show for our efforts so we moved up to Plantation light. Nothing again. We picked up and ran east of the highrise to the buoy 10 area, looked around but saw nothing on the bottom machine that sparked our interest. Pushed out a bit east and found what we were looking for between the 6 and 8 buoys in about 30 feet picked two right away a 42” and a 41”. Moved a bit north to the edge of Nautilus shoal and picked another fish in the 40” range and while we were snapping pics another rod goes down and JC boats a very nice 49” fish headed home with four fish over 40” great day on the water.

50 degree water, fished the end of the incoming and the beginning of the outgoing, eels, all but one came on a free lined line very close to the boat and very shallow.

Thanks to Tommy and JC!!!










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Have you heard of any decent sized fish coming near the beach at all this Fall?

All I have seen is a few scattered reports of schoolies at the base of the CBBT and that's it.

Oh, Nice work work again....I'm still jealous!

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Nice Job, Lou. Way to find them!

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