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Proposal Requires Complimentary Recreational Crabbing License Sets Daily Female Blue Crab Bushel Limits and Seasonal Closures for Commercial Crabbers

<i>More from the Maryland DNR Website</i>

Please feel free to post your opinions on this topic.

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I don't see how giving out a free license to people is going to help them track how many crabs are caught.

I have the impression, they are doing this just so they can say they did something.

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It has already been declared a federal fishery disaster.

We saw what was happening to the Rockfish population and the measures to bring them back. It worked.

We need to institute the same measures for the Blue Crab.

The best I would say is a total ban on harvesting female Blue Crabs and a very, very limited catch of males.

More realistically, I would recommend a total ban of Blue Crab catch and/or possession for the Chessie. Let them repopulate for 2 or 3 years.

As for those impacted, by all means put them to work for the state, no free lunch. Let them rebuild oyster bars, clean up streams, plant trees next to waterways, etc.

We don't want to take the food out of their family's mouth, work them and pay them.

We can't forget about the smaller places that depend on the crab for their bulk of sales. The crab houses where you pick up a bushel for a party and that sort.

They can't go out and work because they have to run their business supplying bait & tackle and other services directly to the public.

In their case, I would recommend a freeze on them paying sales and/or property taxes during the ban. If their income from other goods is a large percent, adjust their tax break accordingly. That way, they get a break, are able to continue their business, and the state does not have to make a payout to them.

The only way to do this is to quit screwing around and let the hammer fall.

Otherwise, we'll have to go through this again at a later date.

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