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JC and headed out for Stripers. Drifted eels at the #10 buoy east of the high rise. Got there at high tide as soon as the tide picked up it was on!!!

Caught five, released three all were 45 pound class fish with one tipping the scales at 63 pounds!!!! The 63 pounder was caught on my Penn Live Liner spooled w/20 pound test mono, a 6/0 Gamakatsu Octopus circle hook, 50 pound mono leader, under a free lined bobber and on a tiny 6" eel. It took 40 minutes to get her safely in the net, when she first swirled (25 min into the fight) just under the surface the swirl looked like an outboard taking off. From the swirl alone we knew she was HUGE!!! What really sucked is she took me around the boat at least six times went from port to stbd and back across the bow at least eight times and every time she would change directions I could feel her massive tail hitting the leader as she pulled drag trying to swim off... nerve racking to say the least. More details to come!!! We got it all on video and that will be coming soon as well!!! AWESOME NIGHT!!!

Thanks JC for the trip and fish of a lifetime!!! "DO WORK"!!!















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That's a nice fat fish!

How many pics are the same fish, 5, 6????

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Thats a sweet catch. Is there a better video link. Because the one i click on wont work.

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Smoothie you need the latest version of Quicktime to view the video get it free from apple.com

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great fish!!!!

glad to hear I'm not the only one with a mouth...

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