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Darryl Schmitt is one of our Directors, contributing a great deal of time and money in the fight to Support Coastal Access.Darryl is a Realtor, a sharp one at that, and in these times you need to just say no to anyone other than a Real Professional like Darryl.Does not matter if you are buying, selling, want to know what your property is worth, or maybe you need a new office space for a business; Just call Darryl and get to know him. Tell him what you need and he will get you the info you want promptly. Don't pass this over. If you do nothing else but call Darryl and say thanks for supporting VCAN it would be much appreciated and he will keep you up to date on everything you want to know about real estate. One shameless plug ... If you know ANYONE that might use Darryl, have them contact him. Darryl has agreed to contribute a percentage of any referral income that comes as a result of VCAN, so please pass his name around. Darryl Schmitt works for Long and Foster in Chesapeake, VA. Reach him at 757-620-4339


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I let him set up a space at the tackle shop for his business cards on display last week.

By the way DS your rod repair is READY~

He is also the president of the Norfolk Anglers Club.....one of the very FEW reasons I even go to the meetings :fish:

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