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On the western edge of the state, Deep Creek Lake is skimming over in some of the shallower areas, be careful of the snow when walking the banks or launching. Walleye is the fish of choice with small crankbaits and diving Rapala’s. Large Yellow Perch are in shallower waters and will take some of the smaller Walleye lures. So ya never know what will bite, do ya? Chain pickerel and northern pike are also active in the shallower cove areas. SMB and LMB have retreated to deeper waters and are holding close to what grass is left and rock structure.

North Branch of the Potomac, Upper Potomac and smaller streams are producing Trout, Walleye and SMB. Smaller "bugs" are being taken.

Central and Eastern regions, pick your days to stay out of the wind. You'll find the same tactics will work here as in the west. Most of the fish are holding deep, dive for them!!

As always, let us know how your trip fared....

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