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First trip of the fall season today. The beach was packed. I walked on to find trucks everywhere in front of the walk-on area:dontknow::dontknow::dontknow::dontknow: so I ploppped right down between two of them and began to fish. The weather was beautiful but the fish were not cooperating. I caught a couple of skates on fresh chunks. I had a few hits that seemed like small blues but my baits and hooks were too big to get them. The crabs were bad and were eating the heads from the inside out. I saw one short flounder and a few doggies caught down the beach.

I'll be doing the marathon tomorrow from AI to Cape Henlopen. I got a cooler full of bunker right off the boat from my netter friend on the way home today. :icon_rr: I'm definitely hitting Fenwick Island at sun-up and running from there:icon_rambo:

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