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For the last two months I have been informing my clients and readers that this is the time to get out on the water to take advantage of some of the best fishing of the season and the ones that did get out I’m sure had some good fishing tales to tell.

Now as I write the weather conditions are changing and temperatures feel more like December or January weather but we are still in October. I think the last time I felt temperatures like these in October it may have been 10 or more years ago. That could be a good sign because 10 years ago the fishing was good maybe better then it has been especially in North Biscayne Bay for the past few years.

For what ever reason a lot of the migratory fish like the mackerels, bluefish and pompano never stuck in the bay much past November and hopefully this year they will. In the past these fish have been available throughout the year and I can only hope that this is one of those years because when you add the migratory fish to the local species it always gives you something special to fish for of quality in North Biscayne Bay. So far we have had a few bluefish in the bay but no mackerel or pompano as of yet and I expect that to change maybe as soon as today.

Yesterday as I was writing the Miami Heralds Fishing Update I spoke with an employee on Anglins Fishing Pier off of Commercial Boulevard. The guy was so excited I had called because anglers had been catching pompano from sun up all the way into the afternoon and the fish were still biting. He estimated that maybe 1000 pompano had cleared the rail yesterday and before the front anglers were catching a lot of bluefish and Spanish mackerel.

Recently the weather has been either very windy or very rainy and now quite chilly. Put all of these conditions together and it can make for a tough day on the water. Recently I have fished three short four hour trips in North Biscayne Bay with similar results and those being tough conditions with slow fishing. All of these trips were during strong winds taking away a lot of the bay that I had hoped to fish. Half day charters can be great if the fish are concentrated and cooperate but that wasn’t the case on these days.

We started each trip with a live well full of finger mullet that I was able to catch with my 10’ Lee Fisher cast net at the boat ramp but the water was too dirty from all of the recent winds and rain and pilchards were not available. On each trip we covered a lot of water trying to find some action but only a few jacks, ladyfish, bluefish, barracudas, small groupers, lizard fish, sea trout and lizard fish came to our baits and not on each trip. Just days before the weather changes lots of tarpon were in the bay and actively feeding on large schools of finger mullet. Large jacks, snook, sea trout, barracudas and ladyfish were also feeding on the baitfish and allowing for some hot action.

Things are changing now as far as the weather and I can only hope that when things calm down the baitfish schools will regroup and the mackerels, bluefish, pompano, tarpon, snook, jacks, ladyfish, sea trout, snappers and barracudas will be there waiting for my clients.

Offshore fishing had been producing hot king mackerel action and some dolphins, lots of small tunas and the first signs of sailfish and now with bluefish, pompano and mackerels cruising the beaches so things are looking good for the offshore fishermen.

South Biscayne Bay will start seeing the mackerel, bluefish, pompano, jacks, snapper and groupers moving into the Finger Channels and that can be a lot of fun for the Variety Fishermen.

Flamingo has been the place to be if you are looking for that fishing trip for snook, redfish, tarpon, sea trout and sharks and now with cooling temperatures the mackerels, bluefish, pompano, tripletail, cobias and groupers become part of the catch.

If your in the market for a new landing net then you need to check out the Stow Master landing net line. I have owned two Stow Master landing nets in the last three years and the only reason I don't have my original net is because I allowed it to catch a mangrove tree in a small creek with a lot of current and it tore the net and broke the handle. The Stow master landing net is a knotless net that is coated with a material that almost makes hooks getting stuck a thing of the past. It has extensions and folds in half taking up half the space of a normal landing net and easily stows in a rod locker or hatch making it impossible to be blown out of you boat while traveling. Stow master nets can be bought in many of your local tackle dealers.

Do you live on the water? Do you have a dock or sea wall behind your home? If your answer was yes and you have read my report then you need the Super Fish Light on your dock or sea wall. The Super Fish Light easily attaches to your sea wall or dock and runs off of a 110 volt power cord and once set up to go on at night and turn off at a specific time will have snook, tarpon, snappers, jacks, ladyfish and baitfish like pilchards, shrimp and glass minnows right at your back door. From there you can either name your new pets or catch them for catch and release or dinner. I hope to have some pictures real soon of my Super Fish Light and the fish it has attracted.

Captain Alan Sherman

"Get Em" Spotfishing Charters


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