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Taking my first vacation to Myrtle Beach the first week in NOV. (Live in Charlotte). I want to spend a few days in the blue water, but don't know the water temp and what fish are running in this area. Most of my off-shore has been done in S. Florida.


What type of fish are running?

What tackle should I use?

What type of bait?

Where are they biting?

I have a 23' walk-around with a 200hp Ocean Pro...

Any help and advice is appreciated!


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November provides some great fishing in South Carolina. Look for Red Drum at the inlet along with the smaller slot sized keepers holding close to the rocks at the jetties. There should also Gray Trout biting at the inlet along with Bluefish. The Black Drum can be found biting in the marshes near to submerged Oyster banks.

The Speckled Trout action should pick up with fish biting from Dunn Sound along the waterway to Coquina Harbor in the South and Sunset Beach Bridge in the North. You should also keep in mind there can be sharks around for some good pullage.

Hopefully, some other SC folks can chime in and shed some light on tackle and baits.

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Thanks for the reply Sam. Trip is still on. I was hoping to hear I'd find fish in deeper waters, but good to know something's biting. I have been reading up on the trout. Hopefully the water will be cold enough and the trout will move in.

Any recommendations out there on the bait and tackle I should be using for the trout?

Can anyone recommend a good launch and bait shop in Merrilles Inlet?

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I polled a friend of mine that works at the inlet. If he can put his pole down long enough, I'll get an answer.

And welcome to the site!!

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