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My brother and I decided to head down to NC for a long weekend of Fishing. We fished Thursday and Friday at the point and caught many smallish blues up to 15 inches. We saw several Puppies outside the slot come in.

By Saturday Morning, the usual weekend congestion drove us from the point up to Ramp 43. It was a beautiful day, bait fish schools racing up and down the beach, blues crashing the surface all day long about 300 yards out.

We set up a spread of four large rods out deep and fished in close for the smaller stuff with the light spinners. All day long we relaxed and fished this way. Then, at about a half hour past low tide, one of the rods next to my brother goes OFF. The fish tore off 200 yards on the first run and jumped out of the water way out near the 300 yard zone. All I could think was, take your time with this one brother, paly the fish out slowly so we have a chance to beach him.

After 50 minutes of fight, my brother beaches this pig:

Cobia 61" fork length, 31" girth, 78lbs

Hope the picture works...



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Wow! Incredible catch!

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Once in a lifetime fish. I bet that was a great fight!!

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