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Well after a long week or more of it blowing and pretty much unfishable, I went out with Brent on Friday night to see what happened.

We arrived at the oceanfront to 10-12 SE winds and a stiff current moving S to N. Tossed 8oz and it slow walked up the beach, but was manageable. The bait or spot rod with 4 oz was like a freight train headed north when it hit the water.

Fished the last of the incoming then 1st of the outgoing before the bite just died. Small pups everywhere and I think we tagged and released about 16 in the time we were there. Sad thing was we saw others keeping them so I called and reported them.

Did manage to pull in this 28.5" red right at dusk which was nice:


Saturday VCAN participated in National Public Lands Day and taught a Surf fishing class at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge to about 12 participants.

Weather in the morning was horrible, but VCAN had some hot coffee and doughnuts awaiting those who helped clean up the beach. After the weather passed through, it turned out to be a nice afternoon. Only problem was the current was wicked again and there was a ton of mermaids purses and other debris in the water which made fishing extremely hard.

Participants who signed up received a free 8ft or 9ft spinning combo courtesy of VCAN and a free Bucket with goodies inside.

When we could keep the lines clean a few pulled in some spot, small blue, small black drum (tagged and released), and a keeper speck was even landed.

Was a great time and we wanted to show people some more stuff, but with the conditions it just wasn't fesable.

Here's a few pic's from the day:





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It was really neat to see some of these participants come into their own having never surf fished before. The lady in the top picture went from a very short cast to having a very good form at the end and was making some nice casts. Not only was she making nice casts at the end, she was taking some small waves getting wet, and we nearly had to pry her out of the water when it was time to leave!:eusa_dance:

Andy thanks for your help today, we couldn't have done it without you being out there.

Wanted to fish later in the night, but with all the trash and current, I decided to get some rest and will be back at it later today.

Almost forgot, the was a bush up by the refuge station where we set up and it had all of these tiny tree frogs all over it. Here's a few really cool pictures of them. Was almost like there were a variety of shades/color to them:





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Sorry I couldn't make it down, I had the ball and chain(work on call) this weekend.

Looks like yall had a good turn out.

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I planned on coming too.....supposed to take Dad fishing but the Nor'easter nixed that trip on Thursday......so the make up day was Saturday before they headed back to Indiana.......caught a couple dozen .....released most .....kept a few eater size and let a pair of 20's a 30 and a mid 40 plus a 55 pounder go as well....

Dad was stoked ! ...............


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I just noticed the frogs! Great shots, Steve. :)

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