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Hmmm, forgot to start a thread for this week.

Oh well, senility is grand if you forget something...

But at any rate...

Conditions this week on the surf are interesting and challenging. Bring lots of lead.

We have had winds going one way and the current the other.

Makes for a nice bow. One way to alleviate a huge bow is to walk upwind and toss, then walk back down and you won't have as much of a bow due to the angle. Of course, this varies with the strength of both.

The fat Reds are here and there, more to come. The Stripers and Blues are moving in.

Further inland, conditions aren't as rough. It's a great time on the Bay, river and lakes. The LMB are killers through midday.

Get on out there and let us know how this blow is affecting your fishing.

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With the gale forecasted for down there, stayed up here in NJ and with the stiff NE, it was just what the doctor ordered! Slammer blues all day on mullet rigs, fished a jetty at night and had all the 24-27" stripers you could want on danny swimmers and a few nice keepers mixed in, and loaded the cooler with peanut bunker and mullet. :hello:

I sent the shorts back and told them to tell the bigger gals to start heading on down to AI....should be a matter of days now til the first reports start coming in down there :icon_rabbit:

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That is good news! Looking like October could be more than just smaller sharks this year!

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