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Harbor Tackle Fishing Report August 15, 2008

Same old, same old report; with the exception of croakers. Schools of croakers have finally hit the bay. The bigger croakers seem to be coming from the lower bay behind Assateague. The surf is producing kingfish, blues, a few flounder, skates, sharks, and rays. At the Inlet there have been tog, triggerfish, spadefish, stripers, blues, and shad. Alot of undersized flounder were caught this week. The flounder are coming from the Rt. 50 Bridge, Thorofare, the East Channel, and back behind Assateague. The larger flounder are hitting live spot in the East Channel. At the Rt. 50 Bridge at night stripers have been caught. It was reported to me from one of the DNR officers that puppy drum were up by the Isle of Wight Park. The wrecks are producing sea bass and nice flounder. Some pictures to come.

Hharbor Tackle has fresh bunker, fresh spot, live eels, live minnows, live sandfleas, live peelers, live chowder clams, live spot, and live black saltys.

It’s time to register for Harbor Tackle’s 7th Annual Red Drum Tournament slated for September 26 thru 28, 2008. You have up till 6:00 PM on September 26th to register.

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Thanks for the pictures! What is the deal with that big cobia? :eek:

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