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Only 19 Plovers Survive

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Wow, a bird article that actually blamed the environment/weather and predators as the main reason why the birds didn't survive. I thought for sure this was going to be an anti fisherman article when I read the title.

The best part is about the OSV zone being reopened today! (the 13th) because the breeding season is over!

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I enjoyed the article. I especially liked the comments posted at the bottom of the article by readers. Give Mountain Air, Purdue, or any other firm a tax break to reproduce those birds, there would be no endangered birds!

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The same closures are still in effect!

The entire length is NOT open.

The Delmarva now has it wrong.

Yesterday afternoon, there were three chicks that had not flown. This is per the two seasonal Fed ladies that spoke to me.

They stated that the entire length would probably be open by next Monday. I read the article and it sounded suspicious.

I phoned the park today and spoke to Joan (410-641-3030). She stated the length is NOT open and they are waiting for the 3 chicks to fly. She said that it should be "any day". I advised her of the article and she stated the park will contact Delmarva now.

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