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Heard tales of Spaniard treasure south of Hampton Roads and decided to take the plastic vessel down to the rich waters of the Point. Loaded the Jeep up and left the house about 6AM. Picked up some coffee and a little snack and headed on my way... A great ride down until I hit Oregon Inlet. I took a 1 hour break because of the weather in front of me towards Rodanthe. Tons and I mean tons of lightning. It was pretty but figured I'd try and wait the storm out. Well when it looked as if It had passed I made a break for it.........notice the all the periods there.......See pictures below....Rain wind and Hail from every Direction. Got through the storm and Arrived in Buxton. Aired down and got out on the Point and the Storm followed me otu there...I took the Jeep to safe Harbor...Aired up and went into the village and got some food. Weather cleared about high noon. Got out and set up....took the yak out and scoped the waters in search of the invading fleet....20min We got into them. The battles raged on for hours. And I took a few prisoners. Spanish were hot and heavy..I saw someone on land bring in a Spanish that went 29 inches. Smallest I took was 14 and the biggest being 23. The surprise catch of the day was a Jack Crevelle. It went 14 and 1/2. Seeing as I dont know NC regs on that fish or even if it has any table value he was released to get bigger. He put up quite a fight tho.

Seeing the Spanish jump out of the water feeding for hours was great. It calms me soul. Went home with 12 Fish from 14-23 inches...drop some off at the rents house...came home and had me a nice cold rum and coke..great day in paradise....

Weather pushing East right on top of me


Wind Rain and Hail




No words needed



Going out for a fight




Bloody the decks!!!


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Some folk say Jack makes good cut bait.

I sure wouldn't eat it though, prolly has the reef disease and taste like Sardines that has sat in the sun all day.

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