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Hit Dam Neck this afternoon right at the start of the outgoing with my wife and my daughter.

Tossed out some fresh finger mullet I had cast netted from this morning and just had small blues peck away at it.

Tossed out some sand fleas on a double bottom rig and the wife caught a small flounder and so did I. Found another two sand fleas and tossed it out again.

Then it happened.....Got a hit, set the hook and had a fish on. Pulled it in and low and behold a Spanish Mackeral on the line. First time ever I have caught a spanish on a sand flea and to top it off it was pretty much in the wash as I was trying for a pup or a pompano.

Other than that a small blue on finger mullet and that's it!

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thanks for the report. How was the weed/current? I might try tommorow morn if it wasnt too bad for you. I think your the second report I read about someone catching a spanish on a flea..geo

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Very cool, Steve. I learned that flounder are in pretty close and love sand fleas 2 years ago. When I first saw the guy start digging for them I thought, "oh no, here we go". But then he started nailing flounder. I tend not to knock anything anymore. :book1:

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