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Heard that the Point was open so I told my guest from NY we would be making a run down there. She had never really surf fished but I told her that its not hard and she was excited to do it. after a long trip down with stops along the way we arrived at RDT, picked up some bait and a few others things, ran across the street to Dillions to pick up some drinks to try and hit as many business as we could...Donated a couple bucks to OBPA and off we went. That long curvy road around the lighthouse seemed to go on for miles..aired down and we were on the beach, When we first got there I drove out to the point and i told her I was gonna walk out to it..she said ok and came along. Once I got out there I took a deep breath and felt that awesome feeling that you get when you are in paradise. She looked at me funny and we went back to the Jeep to set up a little north of the Point. We threw all kinds of bait out she caught all the small roundhead you could ask for and a big porgy that went about 9 inches..Ive never seen em that big in VA..As it got later and later people came off the beach I moved down to the point looking for maybe a good spanish bite or a stray pup. Met up with some people and once againamazed how laid back everyone is out there. I even learned a few new knots. we briefly went off the beach to grab some food for dinner and came back out. once we got set up again We all wanted to hook my girl up with a big shark. Somethign for some pullage...I know she was pretty pumped for this. With the storms rollign in tho it wasnt meant to be altho she still had a great time out there and met some great people. By the time we left she understood why I took that deep breath to take it all in when we first got there...SHe'll be back form Drum season


throwing metal at the point

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