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Heading down to Back Bay to see whats swimming in the surf and try out some new float rigs. Anyone have the day off and want to give it a shot ? May cast net some baits monday night to bring live bait out with me.:fish:

Made a mistake its Monday that I am going out to Back Bay. Mixed up the days off.

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wrong day listed

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Hit the beach monday morning just as the sun came up and Small Blues were chasing Glass minnows right up into the wash all along the beach. I was hoping to find this and had a rod set up with a small casting spoon ready to go. Withing the first 6 cast had 5 blues on the beach from 10 to 15 inches . Had my 15' rod ready to go and cast a float rig with a live blue out . With the west wind coming over the dunes I was hoping for a shot at a King. Between the incoming tide and the Blue still chasing glass minnows even with a hook in his back this did not work out as hoped ! Blues stayed around most of the morning with some 15 to 17" ones mixed in.

No take downs on the three bait rods I had out with cut Blue, Croaker , or spot heads . The sand bar past the first trough was very wide and the deep water of the trough not very wide at all . It seemed to be cut off completely just past the north end of Back Bay. Did not want to head too far out on the bar cause I had the beach to myself and figured it best not to chance it with no one else around.

Sting Silvers seemed to be the best on the blues although I did throw a 5" Gold bunker colored Storm and they bit the tail off on the first cast and I threw it out again cause I knew the school was there and they chomped a nice bite out from under the hook a perfect u shaped bite. The wash was full of bait from glass minnows , peanut bunker and small spots , crabs too. Jelly fish and baby stingrays were all around at my feet and waist while wading in waist deep water.

It was a better day than going to work and had a few blues big enough to fillet and cajun up on the grill. oh and I did manage to cast out a blade runner and hook into a nice spinning rod and reel set up that once the sand was washed out of it works pretty good. if any of you have lost one and can tell me what it is I will be glad to get it back to you.

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Nice report! Them blues been thick since Saturday from what I hear.

Glad ya got into some!

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