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Hit the pier and another spot after work for an hour or so.

Flounder bite has been almost non-existent this week, so they must know the flounder season is closed as well, at least for another day or so.

Managed to scratch out a small puppy drum (but that's two this week) and a 15 1/2" flounder in my time tossing a gulp.

Plenty of bait in the water and some nice mullet jumping as well. Water still a bit silty, and wind was from the WSW while I was there.

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Could be all the rain we have had of late, timing, or the fish gods :dontknow:

Seein' all these reports from my ol'fishin' buds reminds me I need to get out an fish once in a while :help:

Thanks for the report and maybe this weekend for me :drunken_smilie:


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