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Phone rings this morning at 7am.. Winds are calm and the bay looks like glass so me and Jamie decided to head out to the islands for triggers spades maybe a shark or two. Great morning out...ran into some spanish at the 3rd Island and I got broke off a few times... oh yea and then we are out there and Jamies drag goes nuts....Look what Jamie got at the 3rd Island


Thankfully tho she went home in my cooler...def a keeper..

That girl outfished us today on the boat 10 fold. Wanted to get her on some pullage since I knew she has never really been able to fight something that pulled back...we got into some rays and it was on....she fished like a champ...Im hoping I can get a surf rod in her hand this fall...I had mroe fun today making sure she caught fish, then I have all year....


all in all it was a great day out with Jamie and My guest ( Shannon ) from NY we got plenty of fish..plenty of sun and smooth sailing...

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Couldnt ask for better company or a hotter babe....calmest day I have seen this season.....get her back here for some stripper, I mean striper action this fall for sure !! :3some:

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