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Thought it would be easier to just tie all the reports in to one. Hope this is okay.

7/20 - Started in at RT 50 bridge and inlet at OC on incoming about 6am. A couple of small blues (18" -22") on green and white gotchas and BAs. Moved down to the inlet targeting some breaking fish. Switched over to large rattle traps in natural colors/chrome/gold. Turned out to be more snappers. Went behind the airport and found more breaking fish. Again small snappers. Managed a few TB flounder with two keepers close to 19" using T&B rigs baited with sandwhiches. Yes, I forgot my whole container of Gulp baits at home!!! Fished back up along what use to be Shanty Town working the rip there. A couple of birds working the area, but didn't score anything. Water temp on the incoming was in the mid 60° range at the inlet. Kind of chilly. Winds were light and variable. Worked back up above RT 50 and water temp was in the low to mid 70°s. Made a few drifts on the last of the incoming along the eastern channel. Again a couple of TB flounder. Finally finished around the 90 bridge. Water temp was in the low 80°s. A few short strikes but no hook-ups on gotchas and T&B rigs.

7/21 - 3Rs - got a late start and didn't make it out until almost 7:30. Not very crowded. At least compared to some days. Fished north of the access. Was a small rip forming during the incoming. Waves were probably about 4' or so but breaking pretty big. Wind was light and out of the N/NW I think ( I really didn't pay much attention since it was light). 4oz of weight was plenty to hold though. Caught more croaker then you could shake a stick at and two kings. Used home-made T&B rigs with various colored floats and FBBW. Fishngirlpa had fish on within 10mins of getting her line out. If we played long enough we were able to get doubles every time. Saw two massive schools of bait fish off-shore. Probably 1-2 acres in size. Never did come close enough to try and target anything that might have been under them. I think we finally called it a day around 5.

7/22 - Headed towards the beach about 7. Got out and there was hardly anyone one there (big clue). Most seemed to be south of the access. Only saw one vehicle to the north. Figured we'd head up above them. Should have known. As soon as we got out...flies!!!! Evereywhere!!! Wind was from the west..wind from the west, flies bite best! Stood around for a few debating things. Watched the people below us swat flies like crazy. Decided that maybe we'd go south of them since it looked like more people were down there and we thought the flies might not be as bad. Wrong!!! They weren't as bad, but they were there. I had zip on bottoms to my shorts and would have been able to tolerate the buggers but fishngirl wouldn't. We called it a day and went to OC and enjoyed the flyless beach. I left around 3 and hit the bay again. A bunch of TB flounder, one skate and two sharks that went about 24"-28".

After talking earlier that day with Rocks&Reds (Chris), I figured I'd try the inlet that evening. Got there around 10 or so. Wasn't real crowded except for the skeeters!! Should have known! Air was very still so it was perfect for them! I had left all my bug stuff at home. Working the rail using plugs/rattle traps/metal and 10" Gulp eels, I lasted maybe an hour w/o any hits so called it a night.

7/23 - Hit the inlet around 5:30. Wasn't very crowded. Still outgoing so threw some metal and BTs around the pilings w/o any luck. So I just watched and waited. Worked the pilings during the slack w/o any success. Right before tide change I moved to the corner since the seam forms there. The birds started to work their way in so was hoping for some runners making their way in. I managed one boofish of about 18" and saw one other caught. The schools that moved in were shad clear.gif Throwing metal I lost count of how many. Everyone was nailing them. Most were throwing darts. I worked some BTs and metal below them with only the one boofish. Fished most of the incoming until about noon. Decided to call it a fishing trip, packed up fishingirlpa, the gear and headed home.

Thanks again for the info Chris and sorry we didn't meet up. Will be back in a week or so. Hopefully then we can. Thanks for the beach conditions also all. We had no problems. I just wasn't sure with some of the reports I had heard what they were like due to the storm/full moon and all that other fun stuff.

Sorry to be long winded everyone clear.gif

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