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Thanks for the plug guys -

15th Annual CAG Carp Classic: September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26 , 2008

All day ***** Recreational fishing at the Tidal Basin and Haines Point. This will be a social gathering for all that arrive early and wish to wet a line. Please remember to obtain a DC fishing license prior to fishing. Fishing license can be purchased at the Harbor Police station for $13.00 for non-residents. Personal check or money orders only! No cash or credit cards! Click here for a map for directions: Mapquest-DC.

Police Harbor Patrol

550 Water St SW

Washington, DC 20024

(202) 727-4582

4:00PM - 10:00PM(?) BBQ and social Corn Boil, calibration of scales at The Hampton Inn

Tickets for BBQ are $15.00 and includes beer/softdrinks .

Saturday, September 27,2008 (Event Day)

Haines Point, Directions here : Mapquest - Haines Point

7:00 AM - Peg Draw.

8:00 AM *****- Fishing begins.

5:00 PM *****- Fishing ends.

6:00 PM - The Carp Anglers Group Annual meeting followed by CCC award ceremony at the Hampton Inn.

Sunday, September 28,2008

All day ***** Recreational fishing at Tidal Basin & Haines Point.


The Hampton Inn

Rooms cost -$109 plus tax per night for up to 4 people. Free breakfast with 24 hour coffee, wifi and gym etc...

Additional lodging can be found here for those wishing to camp: Cherry Hill Park

Registration fee:

Members: $30.00

Non-members of the Carp Anglers Group $55.00 (includes a one year US membership in CAG - join here).

Tee shirts $20.00 please order in advance

Printable mail-in forms: Printable Registration Form and Raffle Tickets

You may also purchase raffle tickets at the event.


Print out snail mail form here: Printable Registration Form

Or register and pay online below:

CAG Carp Classic '08 Registration w/T-shirt - PAYPAL

CCC08 Registration, NO Cook-Out ticket & ONE t-shirt $50.00 CCC08 Registration, ONE Cook-Out ticket & ONE t-shirt $65.00 CCC08 Registration, NO Cook-Out ticket & TWO t-shirts $70.00 CCC08 Registration, ONE Cook-Out ticket & TWO t-shirts $80.00

Enter Member Name, Shirt size(s): S-4XL, add'l information

CAG Carp Classic '08 Registration & NO T-shirt - PAYPAL

CCC08 Registration $30.00 CCC08 Registration, Cook-Out ticket $45.00

Enter Member Name & any Additional Information

CCC '08 Extras

1 Cook-Out Ticket $15.00 2 Cook-Out Tickets $30.00 ONE CCC08 t-shirt $20.00 TWO CCC08 t-shirts $40.00

Comments/Shirt size(s): S-4XL

2008 CAG Carp Classic Rules:

Match runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 27th.

• You must be a paid-up member of the Carp Anglers group to participate. You may join at the venue by paying $25 for a one year, $40 for a two year or $65 for a three year family membership.

• The entry fee for the Classic is $30.

• Pegs will be assigned to all registered anglers by random drawing. If you wish to fish with a group, the names of all members of the group must be submitted together before the drawing.

• Pegs may not be traded or substituted but if not all pegs are filled you may purchase a vacant peg for $30. If you do so, you must abandon your original peg, which then may be resold by the registration manager.

• You may setup your gear and plumb your swim as soon as it is assigned to you but fishing must not start until 8:00 a.m. All these activities must be done within 10 ft. from the number marking your peg.

• Chumming is allowed. Spods, PVA bags and stringers, catapults, spoons, method feeders and packbaits are all acceptable. Please bait intelligently, don't over do it and don't let your bait drift into your neighbor's swim.

• Fishing stops at 5:00 p.m. Any fish being played at that time may be landed and counted.

• Cyprinus carpio only. No goldfish, Crucians, hybrids, bighead, grass carp or anything else.

• You have the ultimate responsibility for landing, accurately weighing and recording your fish. Please use an unhooking mat - don't lay the fish on concrete. When you catch a fish, record its weight on your score card, have the witness (an opposing team) weight and initial the scorecard. At the end of fishing, be sure to return your scorecard at the CAG desk located in the parking lot immediatley following the event. Also ensure that the total weight of your four largest fish and the total weight of all your fish have been accurately determined.

Award Categories for the CCC (trophies and prizes):

• North American Champion: (4 largest carp by weight)

• CAG Carp King: (single largest carp by weight)

• Fox International 2008 Classic Carper: (heaviest total weight)

• Section winners: (Total weight of all carp caught by angler)

• Elliott Bennett / Damn Yankee Award: (for creative carp gear)

You are responsible for your own property and safety. Members and officers of CAG are not responsible for loss or damage to property and equipment. Please remember there will be spectators and children.

Anglers must adhere to all District of Columbia rules and regulations . You may use no more than 3 rods with no more than 1 hook per line. You must have a valid DC Fishing License.

All appeals must be filed immediately following the incident and must be communicated in person to the Judges Panel. All decisions by judges' panel are final. Any changes to these rules will be announce prior to the start of fishing. This is a friendly competition and thus we wish to make it enjoyable for all.


Mark Metzger - event host and organizer : email Mark

Tommy Robinson - CAG special events coordinator: email Tommy

Entry forms, fees and raffle tickets should be sent to:

Mark Metzger

P.O. Box 1126

Middleburg VA 20118

Washington DC has plenty to keep the family entertained. Check out a small portion of the many family attractions here: Top 10 Things to Do in the Washington, DC/Capital Region

The venue is tidal water - deep water right in the margins - 8'-15' with some water up to 25'+ . The pegs will have a large guard rail that is about 4' to prevent people from falling over and getting swept down river. A bucket pod is a great way to fish this area or just attaching a buzz bar to the top rail by use of plastic ties. There aren't many stores that are close (walking distance) so be sure to pack a few drinks and snacks. Pizza and sodas will be served for a small fee on the day of the event. There is a variety of fish that swim these waters and including some big Blue Catfish this time of the year. They aren't part of the competition but fun to catch when they pick up your baits :)

Also check out the forum for updates..

Hope to see you all there!!

Tommy Robinson

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