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Not gonna put NOB reports anymore since technically it is called Naval Station Norfolk. NOB was the old term, so after bad habits I'll change to be technically correct!

Did an early morning recon this morning for some flounder tagging and to see what else was going on. Fished from 8am till 10:30am at the pier and a few other spots.

Ended up tagging a total of 7 flounder up to 14 1/2" and lost a nice 17" or so bringing him up at the pier.

Used the usual 1/4oz red jig head with a 4" Berkley Gulp Alive swimming mullet. Used Chartreuse, White and a smoke color. Seemed that white worked the best today, but it was pretty slow going with the bite.

Attached a few pictures of where I fish so the rest of you could see if you have not before. Got a shot of the HMS Arc Royal as it is in port till tomorrow morning, then off to go back across the pond I believe.

HMS Arc Royal:


Salt Marsh Pier at NAVSTA Norfolk:


Rocks going down from Pier:


Flounder ready to be tagged and released:


Have to wait and see on fishing the net day or so with this storm moving up the coast!

Did have data from two recaptured fish come in the mail this week, both recaptured at the pier. Also I had two fish today which were caught with my tags in them! One flounder had grown about 1/4" in four weeks, other were about the same size.

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Steve when I’m using the gulp baits it seems like white works best but when it is cloudy or a little dark out the chartreuse works best for me. I’ve caught plenty of flounder on them.

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I fish dark in cloudy and white/chart in clear.

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