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Ok a little late with this:

Hit Dam Neck with Bucket for the incoming tide on Sunday around 11am. Tossed out 8 & Bait, only to see the current take it down the beach and have it mixed up with plenty of salad. Useless with the two together, we packed up after 30 minutes and headed to Lynnhaven Pier.

Hadn't been to Lynnhaven pier in over a year, so it was back on some ole grounds. A nice sea mullet bite by others, but we were soaking eels and trying to tag some flounder. Saw a few spot come over the rail along with the sea mullet and tiny croakers in the mix. Did tag about five flounder others caught (none by me) with the biggest around 17 1/2. Had enough of the pier as the wind picked up and dirtied the water and headed to NOB.

At NOB we started to catch some flounder on Smoke and Pearl colored Gulp's. Ended up tagging 6 more flounder and one Sea bass. Some small Taylor Blues hitting cut bait by others.

Handed out some Atlantic Anglers cards and helped a few others out with some bait and packed up!

Not a bad day, we just had to keep working our way around!

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I am so jealous of you......Always out fishing....Good job, glad you got some stuff. I can't wait to get down there, my buddy should be PCSing to Norfolk in about 2 weeks.

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