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We got out late today and ended up at Cape Henopen (Herring Point) at about at 12PM. The surf was very rough today. I had no hits at all but the people a few spots over caught a tiny tiny (maybe a foot long if that) shark late in the day . It looked like a baby sand shark.

The beach was packed today and everyone was having to have to keep moving up the SUV's to prevent them from being taken by the ocean :icon_pray:

I took my Caper off the roof rack today and got up the courage to take it for a test ride as the heavy surf made me a bit nervous. I got in the water managed to get on it and took off before the next wave hit and broke on the beach.

I went out about a hundred feet or more made a few turns keeping my wife in sight then headed back in. All in all I thought it was a good 1st successfull test ride. I it would have been nicer if it was a bit calmer out. I'll be waiting till it calms down before taking it again :blob1:

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