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Hey guys,

Sorry it took soo long to report but I was waiting for some people to email me pictures.

Anyway, Saturday morning after a wonderful night of fireworks I loaded the Explorer and drove 2.5 hours to my final destination: Bethany Beach, Delaware. This time, it was just me. NO family, NO girlfriend. I stayed at BethanySharkin's place and we had a great time.

Immediately when I drove on the beach while BethanySharkin was at work, I was shocked to see how many people were there. More trucks on the beach then you guys can imagine. I had to squeeze in between two trucks all the way at the end of the Drive-on beach.

I scoped out the unusually calm surf and watched for bent rods. In about 10 minutes I picked up 2 skate that people let me use as bait.

Anyway, just to be safe, I headed to the local marina t about 3:30 to pick up bait. 3 Tuna Head/ bellies and 30 bluefish carcasses later- I was set. I drove back to the beach and started to set up. As I looked south I saw the glaring stare of a nasty thunderstorm headed right towards us. I decided not to waste time Kayaking if I would probably be getting off the beach soon anyway. A family friend was right next to me with his family. He had landed sharks with me in the past and I wasn't about to try and land one by myself. So, I decided to rig up 2 bluefish carcasses (small snapper blues only 10") on a casted shark leader.

I made a cast just beyond the breakers (a horrible cast- maybe 30ft) and put the rod in the holder. I socialized with the other beachgoers while constantly looking back and eying up my 11ft Tica with a Shimano 6500 Baitrunner.


Not 10 minutes goes by and I look over to see my rod bouncing a little. I walk over to check it out. Right when I pick up the rod the fish decides its time to move and shoots towards deeper water. I lean into it and set the 16/0 circle and the FIGHT IS ON! No more than 10 minutes later and after a decent crowd of horrified beachgoers gathered I land this 6ft Sand Tiger Shark which was released quickly after pictures.



Right after she swam away the storm hit horribly and I got off the beach......amazed of how quickly the weekend started.

That night, BethanySharkin and I headed out and set up all of the rods and watched and waited as the sun slowly dissapeared. At 9:10 PM, the lucky 11ft Tica with Shimano 6500 baitrunner (Yakked with mousetrap rig) starts screaming. About 20 minutes later I land this beast. 8ft 2 inches of MAD Sand Tiger


One thing that got me really excited- I actually got the hook out! ST's are known for swallowing hooks- even most of my circles, but the mcircle must have done its job and got her right in the corner of the mouth. After the hook was out, she went on her way.

We fished till about 12:30 and we decided he wanted to head in. I was satisfied and was ready for some sleep.

The next day comes and I hit the sand alone (next to the family who landed the shark with me the previous day). I kayak out all three baits and sit back and relax to enjoy a beautiful day.



Throughout the whole morning people were coming up and talking to me about the shark I landed the day earlier. Everyone seemed to think that I could make one bite for them, but I told them that if they stuck around long enough or stayed in the area....I might be able to get another one. After a few hours letting my Skate bait rigged mousetrap style sit in the surf- I look at my beautiful 9/0. The tip starts dancing a little and I strapped on the fighting belt. People looked at me like I was crazy, but I just sat and waited with the rod in had. After a minute....she WENT! The clicker starts going off in my hand and I feel like the whole beach is watching (they probably were). I leaned into the big fish and the fight was on. I have to tell you, the whole time I am expecting a Sandbar or a Dusky shark! Whatever it was, it was pulling HARD and stripping off alot of line on my 9/0, which Sand Tigers never seem to do. After a good crowd (with alot of cameras) came around me the fight was just about over.....30 minutes after it had began. I hit the 80lb topshot and buckled the 9/0 down and the fish came right in. Sure enough, another beast of a Sand Tiger- 8ft exactly.

The crowd was 200 ppl strong and there were lots of pictures.




Once my buddy and I secured the head, I let the kids touch the tail. I told them "If I jump, you need to jump farther". With enough pressure, we were able to keep her head from going anywhere.




After a quick measurement and a little time to let people snap pics, she was on her way to terrorize more bunker and skate.....


That night I stayed up til 4 am with Fishaholic fishing without ever leaving the beach. We had a great time and it was great to meet him. Other than a REALLY annoying kid- it was relaxing and a great time on the sand. Like his report said- We had a bunch of runs, and only one caught- a 4ft Sandbar, and we reeled in some chewed up hooks.

All in all a great weekend- I hope that I will be able to get back out sometime again this summer, even though my schedule is packed to the brim! We shall see!

I hope you enjoyed the report. Until next time- Tight Lines!

Ben Dziwulski

God bless

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WTG!!! Just some fantastic fish you catch!!!!

When I grow up I wanna be like you :happy7: LoL


DMS #525


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Great job, Ben. Thanks for the excellent pictures and report.

It's fun, isn't it? :happy7:

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So I just realized i posted my report in the join me forum :) So I'll post it here again....well the pics anyhow......Ben did a great job covering everything already. It was great to get out there and fish with him, he is definitely a shark magnet.....And steve the mojo aura is pretty big (considering all rods hit and we had about a 150' spread on the beach)





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You are the Man!

Sweet report and nice touch with the kids!

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