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I've been asked again to find a head boat out of Rudee, Little Creek or Lynnhaven for our company's fishing trip. Looking first or middle part of September.

I am looking for a 1/2 day charter for 40-50 employees. We want to lock in on the head boat and have our employees only.

If anyone has any information on any head boats or captains that can accomadate, I would greatly appreciate it!

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The only one I have been on in the past few years is the Sally-T

Capt Pete reserves the whole boat for groups like that, his mate comes in the tackle shop just about every monday- they leave out of willoby

I do know that several of them in Lynhaven do it too because the 1st Class Assoc went the third Thursday of evey month while I was stationed at AIMD Oceana- we wwent on several ones so I am sure they all do it

Cant speak for Ruddee inlet ones-

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