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Anyone up for breaking one of these?


Species Weight Angler Date Catch Location

Albacore (longfin) 74 lbs. Victor W. Gardner II 07/17/2005 Baltimore Canyon

Atlantic Spadefish 11 lbs. 6.5 oz Noel Lohr 09/02/2005 Triple Wrecks

Black Seabass 8lbs. Hayward Madison 1978 Jackspot

Bluefish 23 lbs., 8 oz Lillian Morris 10/30/74 Assateague Island

Dolphin 67 lbs., 8 oz Kim Lawson 07/21/85 53 miles off Ocean City

Drum, Black 79 lbs. Stanley Ilyes 09/07/85 Bass Grounds

Drum, Red* 70 lbs. Robert Light 09/24/77 Assateague Island

False Albacore 22 lbs., 8 oz Kevin Sheckells 06/25/95 Third Lump

Flounder 17 lbs. Anthony Vacari 10/03/74 Assateague Island

King Mackerel 47 lbs. Gerald Kauffman 10/18/85 Big Gulf

Kingfish 2 lbs., 8 oz Grace Walker 10/01/75 Assateague Island

Porgy 6 lbs., 3 oz Pearl Hopple 07/04/66 Fenwick Shoal

Marlin, Blue 942 lbs. Jim Daniel 08/09/89 Poor Man's Canyon

White Marlin 135 lbs George Pierson 08/29/80 Poor Man's Canyon

Shark, Black Tip 193 lbs. Brian Zysk 08/04/91 Ocean City

Shark, Blue 280 lbs. Martin Waltman 09/13/97 Ocean City

Shark, Dusky* 469 lbs. Jim Liberto 07/01/82 Ocean City

Shark, Great White 467 lbs. Jack Holmes 06/11/92 Ocean City

Shark, Hammerhead, Scalloped 194 lbs. Gregory S. Garman 06/19/2004 Poorman's Canyon

Shark, Hammerhead, Smooth

375 lbs. George Wilson Ford V 06/17/2004 Parking Lot

Shark, Mako 766 lbs. Frank Gaither 05/25/84 First Lump

Shark, Sand Tiger* 334 lbs Billy Leidner 09/08/83 Ocean City

Shark, Sandbar 235 lbs Mark Sampson 07/08/83 Ocean City

Shark, Dogfish, Smooth 15 lbs., 5 oz. Gregg Bacchien 05/22/93 Ocean City

Shark, Dogfish, Spiny 11 lbs., 8 oz. Meyels Sampson 05/17/93 Ocean City

Shark, Thresher 585 lbs. Donnie Simon 06/04/99 Ocean City

Shark, Tiger 1,210 lbs. Grace Czerniak 07/09/83 Ocean City

Sheepshead 17 lbs. 8 oz. Raymond Daniel 07/25/2004 Ocean City Inlet

Spotted Seatrout 13 lbs. Jack Miller 08/21/73 Sinepuxent Bay

Striped Bass 52.9 lbs Allen L. Sklar Jr 05/16/2005 Assateague Island

Tautog 19 lbs., 8 oz Noah King 05/10/80 Jackspot

Tuna, Bigeye 375 lbs., 8 oz Cecil Browne 08/26/77 Ocean City

Tuna, Blackfin 32 lbs. Bob Zang 09/20/98 30 Fathom Line

Tuna, Bluefin

625 lbs. James Daniels, IV 08/03/75 45 miles East of Ocean City

Tuna, Yellowfin 236.5 lbs. Mark Bennett 09/22/02 Washington Canyon

Wahoo 111 lbs. Christian Tiller 10/08/03 Poor Man's Canyon

Weakfish 16 lbs. Donald Cannon 09/11/76 Ocean City Inlet

Several from AI,,,bass, blue, kingfish, *red, flounder,,,wondering if the flounder came from AI surf or more than likely the sinipuxent :?:

* no longer eligible for record

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That is cool, man. Something to shoot for. :-)

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Like I said to Sam one night fishing I never want a record fish unless it blows away the record by a large number( say 60+ Rock that I would be happy to live out the rest of my life with) I always want to catch the next fish bigger don't mind the same size but like to beat my best just like in golf.. :)

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I like the Smooth Hammerhead report.

He caught it in the parking lot with a Ford V6.

That Tiger is what I want.

I'll take it 1/4 size, that would be fine.

I personally don't care about the notoriety of a record catch, been on the news and in the papers too much anyway.

I would be very happy with a 35 lb Striper, 20 lb Blue, etc, etc, etc.....

With that, a cold beer and good friends, who could ask for more?

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