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Drove down the night before to try to catch some of the incoming, but right as I got there all hell broke loose with thunderstorms. Roomed up in Bethany for the night and hit it again about 4am. The incoming was great! landed 4 rocks 21-24".. crazy delaware 28" rule.. broke my heart to put those tasty fish back. The togged for a little bit, got 6, 4 keepers.

Came back in the afternoon to catch incoming again..

Mixed bag of tog and rock. Got a decent blue also, and a couple shad.

About 730 we were livelining some spot and we had some kind of whale roll RIGHT UP AGAINST THE ROCK WALL! was the coolest thing ive seen in a long time. Dont know what kind it was, looked to be about 10 ft. long. Can't blame him for being there.. the rocks were solid anchovies all eve.

All in all a great time!:icon_thumright:

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