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Headed out to the open water today with RACN. Plan 1 was to go to the tower, but got wind there were some 200 boats in a parking lot there, so we said forget that and went to Plan 2.

On the way out, a saw a few spanish jumping, so we slowed down, but nothing else popped up. Hit the gas agin and went another mile or so, before we see a fin sticking out of the water moving slowly around in the distance. Slowed the boat down and sure enough, it looked like a Cobia in the distance as the water was glass today.

Put on a bucktail and inch our way closer and it turns out to be a injured ray with hone of his flippers sticking out of the water.


Ok, he was a tease so back we go to where we were heading. Arrive and low and behold only one other boat there.

Get set up in hopes of spades, but none to be had. Instead we caught and released 36+ Sea Bass up to 14" which was RACN's and the biggest for the day.

While we were out there we did have three cobia come swimming past the boat at different times. All three were different sized, but no monsters in the three we saw. Tossed some baits at them, but none wanted to touch it. One did however, go back and play with RACN's bobber he had out for spades.

Hot, but wasn't overly bad considering everything, and a dang good time to say the least! Thanks for the ride J and look forward to another!!!

Here's a few pic's from the day:


Putting a tag in:


A cute couple:


My small knothead:


Close up on 14" Knothead:


Ran out of tags after this one.....


On the way back in we did a few bouy hop's looking for cobia, but none were hanging around. After that we rode up the beach from sandbridge looking for some holes and marking the beach for when we surf fish. Was a little discourageed when we rode past Dam Neck as the beach there has really filled in and not much depth or structure like I was hoping to see. Better spots down the beach towards the golf ball at Sandbridge.

Out till later in the week, hope everyone else had a good one this weekend!

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I LOVE THAT PLACE DOWN THERE !! Never crowded at all......if we had 250 tags we could have stayed and used 'em all if we had wanted ! When work allows you again......we are gone >>>>>

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Looks like you had a great day out there ! Great Pics ! Nice to see the Cobia swimmin around gettin a little anxious for Mr Brownsuit to settle in !! Great job on the tagging too !

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Good thing you had a good Plan B yesterday. Nice job on the tagging and nice colors on the one close up of the sea bass.

I headed over to Willoughby Beach last night briefly with the wife and kids. Adam managed one croaker and I had a bluefish shred my berkley gulp once. I think there were some small blues chasing bait from time to time, but very sporadic. Tide was low and I need to hit that spot on an incoming tide.

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