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Me and my fishin partner will be out front from tonight (5/31) about 5:00ish, through tomorrow Morn' about 9:00 ish, probobally a mile or two below the bullpen:happy1:. Grey Tundra with 24" glow sticks on our rods....and empty beer cans filling our trash bags. Seeing if we can hook into something other than a skate or doggie. Stop by and see whats up!


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Fished Assategue yesterday from 8:00am until 3:30 caught acouple sharks and a whole lotta skates. Fished 66th street O.C. this morning caught one 14" blue, 2 skates and about 25 small sharks. Sharks were hitting consantly, a big nuisance. Will try again tonight if the weather holds out.


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