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Well, we headed down to Coles Point Plantation sat afternoon. We took the johnboat and my yak in hopes of finding some fish and crabs. I took the girls out sat after we got there with some fish heads and crab lines. We only got about an hour before we were losing too much light. Sun morning we headed down to the beach with the yak and the johnboat. There were pylons from an old pier that streched out about 150' into the water. The girls decided they wanted to try and throw the cast net. 1 Minnow and a 4" Juvenile Gar later they asked me to throw it. WOW was I way way way out of form. About 10-15 min later I had some form back and was throwing correct about 75% of the time. Next thing I know...I'm pulling in 2" spot in just about every throw. (most was 7 at a time)...a few throws later a 10" white perch in my net with 2 more to follow shortly after. I had visions of using the little spot for bait out in deeper water but a friend stopped by to hang out and I never got the yak back out. Mon was WINDY, at first I thought the wind was tolerable whoa was I wrong....well not that wrong it wasn't unbearable, but I sure didn't want to paddle too far back into the wind to get back to the beach. once back on the beach, our neighbors a few campsites down came over to hang out for a few minutes on the beach....then offered us a ride out on their boat. The girls instantly said yes, so Ciara, the girls and I loaded up and headed over and off we went.....A short trip, we were only heading out for an hour or so. All the white perch you could as for in 12-17' of water and all the Bait balls surrounded by fish right as the water hit 20' and we kept seeing them until 30' . Unfortunately we didn't catch anything out there as we weren't really set up to try and fish it. I did jig over them for a while with a couple bumps but nothing taking it. All in all a GREAT weekend. The girls said it was the best time they'd EVER had camping with mom and dad. As for the campground....I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a campground in the Northern Neck.

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Finally got some pictures off my camera. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of fish...but figured I'd share. :)

Look Jim!!!!!! I have a chair dog too now :) It was really funny, she HAD to have a chair when we were all sitting around. She wasn't content to lay on the ground.





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