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Pattie and I spent the weekend fishing Delaware Bay and Lewes Canal. Friday night caught 8 throwback flounder in a couple of hours then slipped the boat at the back of Irish Eyes Bar and a few hours later slithered our way into the V-berth. Caught 15 throwback flounder Saturday morning before heading to the bay. Fished from 3pm to 9pm at the coral beds with clam bait and caught 7 black drum, released 5. Sunday we caught 11 flounder with one 21 inch keeper then went drum fishing again. No drum and only 2 doggies in 3 hours. Wind picked up and whitecaps started rolling in so we retreated to the dock again. Yesterday caught 19 flounder with one 22inch keeper. 53 flounder with only 2 keepers, I think the 19.5 inch minimum is a bit extreme with the number of fish there seems to be. I am not sure where the "shortage" of flounder must be because there have been a ton of 13-17 inch fish the last couple of years.

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