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Ok, so I posted in the reports, and didn't think I'd elaborate there on this campground. This place was great. With traffic and some stops it took us about 2-2.5 hours from Centreville. When we arrived we were worried at first. The place is 80% Seasonal campers. For those of you who don't understand that. 80% of all the sites at this campsite have permanent campers on them. I've typically found that a lot of permanent campers means A LOT of noise, parties, etc running around. NO WAY!!!!!! by 11pm on the busiest weekend of the year this place was so quiet you could've heard a pin drop. Some of the weekend spaces were small but hey, not everyone has dad's 32' house on wheels LOL. Anyhow....back to the campground. The staff was friendly, it had a very nice Covered Pool, Marina facilities, Restaurant, Bar, Small Store with the essentials (fishing license, bait, beer, soda, snacks and ice) The beach was a short walk from the campsites and was VERY nice. The beach was clean, and again, even with the # of people at the campsite this weekend....it was NEVER crowded. The water is good 2-4' for at least 100' from the waters edge making it great for family swimming. What more can I say....I loved the place....Oh...and if you don't have an camper, they have a field in the back that they use as overflow and tent camping. The rates were really good, I believe it was $35 a night for full hookups. So, if you're looking for a good place to head out to for the weekend, by yourself or with your family I would give them a call and see if they have room for you. Oh, the guys were fishing off the breakwater Jetties as well as the beach and apparently catching some catfish and croaker (although I didn't see any pulled in) But from the yak, I was pulling in white perch 50' from shore in the one hole I could find that was about 6-7'.....

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