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Fished A.I. Sunday 5-11/ the water was clear and it was a beautiful day-cloudy-great for stripers. My son and I caught 4 stripers-largest 27 1/4" smallest 25 1/2" what a thrill-caught on bunker,2 hrs on building high tide. Fished again Wed-5-15 rough and lots of sea weed-to the point couldn"t reel in with-out clearing several times-hot and humid. Set up for high tide 12 oz to hold-Park Ranger came along and closed the beach-before high tide. Spoke to a fellow from Delaware had harvested 2 drum on Sat into Sun-Looks like a great start to the season .

Wish to thank Sam for the sticker(already displayed on the window)-great as new members can spot other members on the beach.

Thank-You Steve for delievery of rod to O.C.(saved me some driving)paired it with a 6500 blue yonder-now have the set.

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