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Headed out to Ocean View again after work today to have some more light tackle fun with Blues and possibly some Flounder and Trout.

As expected when the water started to move, the Blues were out in force. At one point, Bucket, Doc and Myself were all enjoying some cold suds, sitting on our butts and casting to awaiting bluefish.

Nothing like a triple hook up being lazy!:icon_tongue: Sad thing was we didn't get up to land the fish, just flipped them on over the rocks and back at it! Never had to move!!!!!

Blues were a touch smaller this week than last week, but never the less provided us with a few hours of fun!

Did tag and release one flounder for another as he pulled up a whopping 13"!

Bluefish are thick as thick can be right now from Rudee Inlet to the HRBT if you want some fun. They seem to prefer the 4" storms over anything else, but 1/4 to 1/2 jigs or some metal will work as well if you don't feel like going through bags of plastic. Color seems to be anything, nothing particular.

Grey Trout look like a no show this year which is a bummer, but kinda expected it as it has been a depleted fishery the last few years. There's been a few here and there, but nothing in numbers or size.

I'm done for the weekend due to kid duty, and am looking forward to the Fling next weekend!

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THX 4 the report. And yes that was a good run eh (pics sent) :icon_thumleft:

Have a great run up north too!

Blue `bucket

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Here is a great photo of the VCAN leader........


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Me tagging a flounder and showing another fisherman how to tag, and just a few random cell phone shots!




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