I found the presidental picture for the new 5- 10 dollar bill

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20/20 hindsight... but its not all bad.. He showed the UN where they actually stand concerning some of our affairs.

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Don't forget about Japan paying for all those countries to attend the arms conference in Africa. The AG he appointed (Ashcroft) told the UN where to stick it when they suggested we disarm our citizens.

How 'bout the nice selection of Supreme Court Justices? Those selections will last for decades.

Heck, Europe is paying twice what we are for oil! In a rather weird sense, I think we may be fortunate. Now he is considering telling the Saudis to lower the price to us or we won't sell them arms.

All Presidents are basically figureheads anyway. The real power is supposed to be in the House and Senate. Now, if we could get rid of some of those yahoos we would be doing better.

MaryJo is rolling over in her grave.....

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