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Weather window looked good, so packed up the vehicle and headed south with Bucket. Traffic was light on the way down and we made our usual round of hitting the tackle shops for fresh bait and any potential reports.

Got some nice mullet at Whalebone, some shrimp and bloodworms at Frank & Frans, bunker at RDT and some more bunker at Tradewinds.

Ferry ride was a touch crowded and had to wait an extra trip to get on board, but no biggie as low tide was about upon us anyway. Driving down the beach, it was like going across ski mogels as the sand had become piled up in spots.

Setteled on a decent looking spot towards the south end and was surprised at how little people there were out on the beach. Put lines in, not expecting much till the 5-6 o'clock hour during the last part of the incoming.

Not a bump the whole day until about 5:30 when a tiny doggie and ray decided to take some of my Bloodworms. After that, the tide started pushing hard and 10 oz was not holding and the grass began to settle in as well.

Talked to a few others and nada for them the whole day as well. Decided to ctach the ferry back home and call it a day.

Disapointing fishing, but the weather and sites were beautiful, no regrets!

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