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I got down to Wachapreague this morning about 10:00 a.m. The Fog was so thick you couldn't see across the creek. The weatherman said it would burn off by noon, so I took a ride down to Quinby and scouted around.

I headed back and launched at the public dock at 11:00. The fog thinned alot but I still had trouble seeing the markers across the bay.

I took my first drift at marker 134 and picked up three flounder to 18.5". I took a few more drifts then headed SW towards the fleet.

My first drift I nail a 20" flounder, then four or five throwbacks. Fishing slowed until the tide turned then the spit hit the fan

I was bailing flatties on every drift for the next three hours. I didn't even have time to eat my lunch. I got a couple more keepers at 20" and a bunch more throwbacks. Other boats started following me around the bay. Three or four came right up to me to try to see what I was using for bait. I started releasing 19" flounder hoping for some bigger ones. On the last drift, I hooked up on both rods at the same time. I pulled in a 25" and a 21" to round out my limit.

I have never had a better trip down to the ESV. Temps were warm, winds were 5 miles an hour or less, crowds were small, the water was clear and the fishing was great.

All fish were caught on 3/4 oz jjigs tipped with various strips of marine and terrestrial proteins :)and plastic minnow bodies. 4" Limetreuse SWA and 5" Bubblegum Ice Fin-S took the majority of the fish.


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various strips of marine and terrestrial proteins

Lol. Chicken & squid?

Nice report. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice!! Send some of those north, will ya? lol

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