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It is a travesty for the NPS to have alowed one special interest group to Hijack the neg reg process and leave all others on the side line. The higher ups at NPS mandated that this issue was to be made to "go-away" and that is why they are rolling over.

I think we would have been bettter off to have an injuction issued an have the ugly reality of these groups tatics rise to the publics attention.

The only way that the NPS and the SELC can show up on Friday with an "acceptable" consent decree for the judge is for the NPS to cave on all the points that we care about:


Park closed from sun down to sun up

Maximuim vehicle counts (like we have at Ass.)

Severe Bird closres on all the best fishing grounds

You can forget about the great Spring Drum fishing at the Point cause its going to be gone.

Fall is another story but in my mind, Fall has never been as strong as Spring.

The irony is that this approach is going to drive up the traffic on the parts of the beach that remain open because every one will be cruseing up and down the North Beaches and Hatteras beaches looking for the perfect "hole" at low tide.


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It is unfortunate for everyone that actually cares about our precious resources.

I've seen Judges before like the one you describe.

They tend to remain in office (on the bench) because of uneducated voters. They go by name recognition and not ethics.

We will see what happens Friday with the case.

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It's such a shame to see this type of thing happen. Hopefully, the situation is made right. The hearing is tomorrow?

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