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I had a feeling I would see another strong push of fish this week, and as I found out this morning, I was right. Decided to take two friends from my school fishing club with me today, got up at 5:30 and headed to the hotspot. Good incoming tide in the morning, overcast, and not blowing 30 knots for the first time in days. We sat around for about an hour until the fish showed up, and they showed up in numbers. Caught six rockfish in about an hour and a half between the three of us. Biggest went 38", smallest was 29", everything else was around 31-34. Bloodworm accounted for every fish, and I tried just about everything. Took some lighter tackle today with hopes of gettin something decent on it. I caught the biggest fish of the day on 12 lb test and a 6'6" medium light rod. Everyone went home alive because of the circle hooks. I think I can go ahead and say that we slammed em this morning. Its all about being there at the right time. The bite comes two or three times a day and only lasts for a small period of time, but if you are there at the right time its pretty awesome.




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man, you are really tearing them up! Great job and thanks for the pictures! :up:

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