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I was thinking again. (watch out) what length rods are preferred for fishing from a Kayak. I personally like long rods. My 10ft. conventional is my all time rod. Ive used my 9'6" 5 wt. fly rod on float tubes. Seems that helped me not only on the sweep after the cast. but also bring them in. Seemed easier. But that was for Trout. I have no clue on this Kayak stuff but it sounds great. I gotta try this. Robt.

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You don't want a long pole on yaks.

Sam has more experience in the yak than I do but I fish the mangroves in the Keys in a canoe.

Most of the class of poles I use in a canoe are light-medium, 5-6 foot. I do have one favorite 8 footer though, light top end.

We take three poles, the two shorter and the 8 footer for reaching the Tarpon without scaring them by rowing closer.

The yak I would stick with a 5-6 footer with a good action on the tip.

Anything like 10' and you wouldn't be able to cast it or even bait it easily.

Sure, you could do it and people do, but why make a long cast when you can paddle to them?

As for heavy action poles, I PERSONALLY don't see a need for them on a yak. Anything I would need heavy stuff for would probably drag me to Spain anyway, rather be on the beach with a monster than in the shipping channel.

Now, on the flip side of my thought are the guys in Hawaii that fish for Charky from yaks. Ya'll go ahead, not my cup of tea.

Anything that is as violent as a Chark is and equipped with teeth, I don't want them near me in my little arse yak!

Maybe it's old age and self preservation setting in, you may want the rush, but.... That's just me.

Now, for my next trick, bareback surfing on Charky's back!

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Sweet. Cabin Boy references.

I like shorter poles on the yak as well. Anything over 8' I find annoying. I think I am going to get an ugly stick this spring.

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