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This winter is not seeming to leave. I am looking for mental diversions wherever possible, and I am thinking it was about this time of year last year the discussions started on the Spring Fling for May last year.

So, has, or is, anyone quietly working on an event for this spring?? Believe it or not, we are in to May on our family normal events( Scouts,Baseball,Etc.) planning, and it would be helpful to have an idea if we are going to pull this together again. It was fun last year, even though Trowpa seemed to be the only one getting into the fish. It was cool meeting everyone in person for the first time, and it certainly helped me as the year progressed in my quest for better fishing.

If I lived closer I would most certainly do more on the logistics end to pull this together . If there is something I can do from Harrisburg I will. PM me , and I will give you my cell# .

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I'm in!

Trying to fish down south 1 more time before it get's shut down then I'm in!

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