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As I posted on "home sick" I will be moving back to M.D. from T.X. I would like to move closer to the coast (A.I.) but I also have to make a living. Do any of you have an Ideal on the job market on the eastern shore or O.C.,D.E. where ever. I'm in the comm. electrical, hvac controls bis. any help would be great.

btw this is kind of a fishing topic because I want to be closer to A.I.



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I would check the local papers/websites down here...



I know when ffemtreed moved down a month ahead of me I found those were best tools for job searching. I think there were some ads for HVAC in the stardem this past Sunday.

Anyway.. I know where I work in Cambridge, MD is always hiring for different positions. I'll PM you the info ... it might be worth a call.

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As mentioned check delmarvanow.com. The basically frontend CareerBuilder and they own most of the newspapers around these parts. You may also want to look into lower Virginia shore as well around Accomack. The area down there is starting to pickup.

Best of luck! I am in your boat as well, I work on the wrong side of the bay and live on the proper side. I only get to go home on weekends and holidays. Maybe some day ...

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