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I am currently unemployed so I have plenty of time to fish but not much to spend. What would be a decent rig for surf casting. If I catch a nice red snapper or perhaps even a good size pompano or cobia I don't want to have my reel go up in smoke.

I currently have two rigs:

1) Shakespeare Ugly Stick "Lite Pro" with a Shakespeare Lite Pro reel (4 bearings, 1-way clutch).

2) Shakespeare Ugly Stick "Intercoastal" with a Quantum Optix 40 (4 bearings).

FYI - I am using 14lb Cajun Red line.

I am not sure if these are sufficient for surf casting for say a 20-30lb maximum size fish.

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The fish you can catch, Blues, Sheepshead, Pomp, Whiting, can all be handled easily on 14 lb line.

The key is to be able to toss a good ways out if you need to. If the birds are working 100 yards out, it may be impossible to reach them with a 7' stick. A 10-12' pole is a good one to have for the surf.

You can handle anything on it, even Snook and the wandering Red on the backside. Surfside you can use a top/bottom rig or live-line mullet or shrimp with a live rig. On the river side (Reds and such), use a cork and live shrimp. Trout love 'em too and they are very active now. The water temps need to come back up a bit for the Reds to be active again, give 'em another week.

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