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I am fairly new to surf casting. I have been using a pretty light rig (Shakespeare Intercoastal rod) with Pompano and Snapper rigs with pyramid weights and using sand fleas and squid as bait. So far I have only fished off Lantana Beach.

I am thinking about heading over to the Boynton Inlet this week. I may also trying fishing off the beach at Gulfstream park.

Thanks in advance to this newbie.


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Hello Wallace, welcome to our home.

Our search feature will yield pretty good results for most any question you have. Please feel free to ask questions anytime.

I gave some tips in the other post you left.

An old saying could be kept in mind....

Match the Hatch.

Meaning, whatever the fish are feeding on, you want to toss that out there. Shrimp is an excellent choice and can be dipped from the causeways. Hang a lantern on a rope off the bridge, put it about 6 inches above the water surface. The shrimp will gather in the light. You can either dip them or throw a toss net. If you watch closely, you'll see Trout at the outer edges of the light picking off shrimp.

Mullet is another good option. I highly recommend getting a throw net. Start with a 6 footer. You can get it at Wal-Mart for about $40. That will save you from buying bait. Hook mullet on a live rig and toss into the surf or river. You can easily make your own live rig, click on this link:


If ya need anything else, keep searching and writing.

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My buddy lives right there in Boynton and he fishes spoons into the surf. thats what we were using when I was just there... we saw some bait moving but nothing was hitting. He says he usually does pretty good.

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