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Put the yaks in about 12:30. Chilly NW wind blowing about 10 kts. Started out up Haulover Canal and got tired before the bridge, the current was flowing hard. Didn't make it to Mosquito Lagoon but heard the only thing caught in the area was a small Red on shrimp & cork.

Pulled into the cove below the bridge for a mermaid encounter. Some huge cows in there! Had to keep a constant watch, they will surface under you and toss you out. A few folks got tossed earlier. I was in a sit-in and not feeling too stable. Man, those things roll easy! I was a little concerned when one passed under me.

Found a little entrance to a canal that looked promising and headed into it. Had to do a bit of "hand pushing", water was only about 3 inches deep. Got in the canal and couldn't find anything. Drifted on down back toward Dummit Cove and saw the Mullet crashing out of the water. Saw a few nice wakes from something larger chasing them. No fins, no tailing, nothing! If there was anything there, I would have seen it, max depth about 5-6 inches.

Heck was probably a Comarand taking a swim, they were all over the place.

Came back out of the cove and headed across the open water to the spoils. Wind and waves tended to keep water coming in the yak. Nothing out there, went all the way around the spoils and headed back to Haulover Canal. Was a tough paddle with the tide, waves and wind.

Took off up into the narrow canals along Dummit Creek. Everything was stone cold quiet. No fish, no gators, nothing! Saw some folks fishing the banks and they commented about the gators "assaulting" people. Ah, no worries, got a paddle to smack 'em with....

As we got further in, it narrowed quite a bit. Had to push off the mangroves with the paddle and do some ducking. Ah, reward! It opened up to a beautiful lagoon! That was the end of it though, headed back out to the Cove.

Made a stop on the way out for a little break and to stretch the kneecaps. Paddled around the little island first, checking for gators. All clear and came ashore, stepped out in 1 inch of water and 3 feet of mud!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!!

Came out to the cove and realized the tide had gone out, oops...

I started across the cove back to the main canal and got stuck on a bar. Time for a detour! I looked at the birds standing out there. If a Heron was in up to his knees, it was deep enough for me and the yak!

The only fish caught was a small Red taken on shrimp up in Mosquito Lagoon.







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Steve, thanks 4 sharing the photos and your experiences, I really needed that! Man I wish I was there.:icon_thumright:

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