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Fish and Wildlife has compiled a list of common questions they have been receiving about the new General Fishing License that was signed into law on June 30. Here are the questions and the answers, as provided by the Division.

1. When will I be required to have a license to fish, crab, or clam in Tidal Waters of Delaware?

Answer: January 1, 2008.

2. When will the new licenses be available to purchase?

Answer: We are projecting that the new licenses will be available in early to mid December, 2007 for purchase.

3. What are my options for purchasing licenses?

Answer: The following are options available to anglers:

Resident annual fishing license - $8.50

Non-resident annual fishing license - $20.00

7-day tourist fishing license - $12.50

Charter boat license (vessel hired on a per trip basis) - $150 for Residents/$300 Non-Resident

Head boat license (vessel hired on a per person basis) - $300 Resident/$600 Non- Resident

Recreational Boat license <20’- $40 - Same cost for Residents and Non-Residents.

Recreational Boat license >20’- $50 - Same cost for Residents and Non-Residents.

A license is required in all waters to fish, clam or crab.

4. At what age do I need a license?

Answer: Residents 16 to 64 inclusive and Non-Residents 15 and older need a license.

5. Will I need both a boat fishing license and a general fishing license?

Answer: No, you will need one or the other not both depending on individual circumstances. During our public hearings/workshops, anglers unanimously requested the option for a boat fishing license. Residents will receive a complimentary $8.50 general fishing license as well when they purchase a boat fishing license (owner of the boat). Non-Residents will receive only the boat fishing license.

6. If someone owns a boat, and only uses it one week a year to fish, must they buy the special boat fishing license?

Answer: No one must buy a boat fishing license. This is one of 2 options. You may buy a boat fishing license or you may buy an individual license. It is up to each angler to make the determination that is best for him/her depending on how they fish. The boat license covers everyone on the licensed vessel while they are fishing on that vessel.

7. Can the owner of a boat license and his guests walk out to clam or crab from a shoreline access site without the boat?

Answer: Only a resident who owns the boat and has a boat license may walk from shore to clam or crab without using the boat. The guests would not be covered under his or her individual license. The boat license really benefits those individuals who often have guests that go with them that do not have a license. The boat license will be a decal that is affixed to the boat.

8. If two people have a surf fishing permit/vehicle license for their vehicles, can the two people go in one vehicle to fish without a special fishing permit? Also, if they take friends along to surf fish, do the friends need a special permit?

Answer: Only the operator of the vehicle that is permitted may fish without a license on the beach. Any other anglers will need to have a general $8.50 (resident) or $20.00 (non-resident) license regardless of whether or not they have another vehicle permit. The exemption in the code is only for the vehicle operator who has the surf tag.

9. I am a resident and 65 years or older. What are my exemptions from licensing?

Answer: You are exempt from licensing whether you are on your boat or fishing from shore. However, if you are on your boat and there are people who are not exempt from licensing, they must have licenses. Your options are to have each individual obtain a license or you may purchase a boat fishing license. You would need to purchase a boat fishing license because your age exemption does not allow you to transfer that exemption to other people.

10. Is my boat registration the same or does it take the place of the boat fishing license?

Answer: There is no relationship between a boat registration and a boat fishing license. The boat registration would still need to be renewed when due.

11. I am a non-resident who enjoys fishing in both tidal and non-tidal areas. If I have a Delaware boat license for my big boat, will it cover me when I fish in the freshwater pond from shore?

Answer: No. The boat license only covers residents in both tidal and non-tidal areas. In this case a non-resident would be required to purchase a general fishing license or 7-day license.

12. I own more than one boat. Do I need a boat license for both, or can I transfer it from one to the other?

Answer: A boat license cannot be transferred from one boat to another. It would cover you if you were on someone else’s boat, but it does not cover both boats.

13. I have a boat fishing license that I use on a boat in tidal water., Can I use the boat in non-tidal waters with the same boat fishing license?

Answer: Yes

14. How many crabs and clams can I take with my recreational fishing license?

Answer: A resident may take a bushel of crabs and 100 clams. A non-resident may take a bushel of crabs and 50 clams. If a person wishes to take more than 100 clams up to and including 500 clams per day, he or she needs to purchase a Non-Commercial Clamming Permit for an additional $5.75 as a resident. The Non-Commercial Clamming Permit costs $57.50 for non-residents.

15. If I fish exclusively in federal ocean waters outside of Delaware’s 3-mile limit, do I need a Delaware fishing license?

Answer: No, unless you drop a line on the way inside of the 3-mile limit.

16. If I fish in Delaware Bay only on the New Jersey side of the Bay, do I need a Delaware fishing license?

Answer: No.

17. If I launch my boat from New Jersey and fish in the Delaware River between the upstream tip of Artificial Island and the Delaware/Pennsylvania line, do I need a Delaware fishing license?

Answer: Yes, because Delaware’s jurisdiction extends to the New Jersey low tide line between the upstream tip of Artificial Island and the Delaware/PA line. If you fish from shore in New Jersey, you do not need a Delaware fishing license.

18. Do I need a fishing license if I fish on a private pond?

Answer: The only exemption of fishing on a private pond without a license is residents who own or live upon farms in Delaware containing 20 or more acres, and the members of their immediate families who reside on the farm, may hunt, fish and trap on the farm without being licensed.

19. I have a boat registered in Delaware and I have a Maryland Boat Fishing License. Do I need a Delaware Boat Fishing License?

Answer: You need a Delaware Boat Fishing License to fish in any of Delaware’s waters. Delaware does not have reciprocity with any other State.

20. May I launch my boat in Delaware without a Delaware boat fishing license to travel to Maryland or another State to fish where I have a legal license to fish in that State?

Answer: Yes, but you cannot fish in Delaware along the way.[/size][/font]

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