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Darryl had an open window to fish a bit today so we loaded up ole jonny boat and headed south......put in at Bobs right at 1030 and went back to where we left off last time, this time the wind was whipp'n around the corner and made it hard to keep bait under a bobbers with the boat drifting all over the place, Darryl caught a nice stud perch- 1st fish of the day mister- you know the rules, Kiss it & let it go ! .......Moved and went to a spot I marked last time......hooked up on a nice stout perch that was close to the state record and I lost the big pot belly sow at the boat........then Darryl has a tussle on his hands with what I thought may be a nice bass.....nope BOWFIN !! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowfin ) not a huge one but it was some good pulalge anyway .......... Then its my turn again and this thing is pulling DRAG !! Yep you guessed it the new state record for CRAPPIE must have been 6 pounds.....pulled my hook as straight as can be and got away at the boat - dang twice thats happen'd today !

Move yet to a third spot and we better get busy cause he has to get the youngens from school pretty son.......found us a new spot back out of the way and as I alwasy try to do......put my buddies on fish, I land a nice crappie.....1 for the box, then a a fat perch,2 for the box......get busy buster we only got a 1/2 hour left before we gotta goooooooooo.....so in the next 35 minutes we landed several more crappie, even more nice perch and the last 10 minutes darryl must have landed 6 fish on his cloing casts !! Darryl,the wife and kids have fresh fish for dinner ........

Glad to be out with you again buddy !! Cant wait till spring time to hit the surf with ya again .........







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Nice work fellas~!

That one perch Darryl is holding has some nice coloration.

Headed out tomorrow somewhere for some R&R, most likely to LIP!

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Thanks for the trip yesterday. It has gotta be 25+ years since I last caught a perch and it's also been a while since I caught a crappie. Nice place to fish back there in the NW River.....quiet and peaceful Well have to go again soon. Fresh fish on the menu for tonight!!!!! I'll have to get Adam out there, he would have a blast!!!

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