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Passing it On

The following is an email sent to you by Montauk Pete of SurfRats.com

Dear Surfrats,

I have sent this mass email out to about 1300 people tonight on the

robbery that occurred at Saltwaters Tackle in Long Island. Below are the

serial numbers of the Van Staals stolen. Keep an eye out for them and

please spread this to all the message boards everywhere. That means all

the boards from the east to the west coast. You never know where the

reels will end up.

In any case, you must NOT buy any used or new Van Staals (unless from

authorized VS Dealers) without serial number verification. And off

course, if your Van Staal gets stolen, please contact Van Staal itself and

report it. If they ever get it for repairs and service, they can pick

up on it. Secondly file a police report immediately.

These were in the show case at the tackle shop as they didn't get the


VS100 Serial #14636

VS150 Serial #13745

VS200 Serial #14652

VS275 Serial #15908

Mike will be sending me an updated list of all the merchandise stolen

in the shop by morning which will be posted at:


If anyone has any information, please call the Suffolk County Police

Department. They have a Crime Stoppers Hotline 1-800-220-TIPS. The tackle

shops phone number is (631)539-9422.

If you notice any suspicious sales online at various fishing forums,

eBay, craigslist or any of the other online auction sites, please call

the tips hotline immediately.

Time for our fishing community to band together when such tragedies


Thank you


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